Managing Directors

Karl Heinz Zachries

Karl Heinz Zachries (*1960) founded CONTACT Software GmbH in 1990 shortly after completing his studies in information technology with special focus on software engineering. From a start-up with only three employees and a focus on CAD data management, he developed the company to become one of the market's leading PDM/PLM suppliers. His guiding principles are entrepreneurialism, responsibility for his employees, commitment to his customers and perseverance in achieving his aims. He is the managing director of the company. Karl Heinz Zachries is married with five children.

Ralf Holtgrefe
Managing Director

Ralf Holtgrefe (*1961) started working at CONTACT as an IT student responsible for software development when the company was founded in 1990. In 1993, he switched to Customer Projects and took over the management of this sector in 1996. As of 1999, he was also responsible for Key Account Management, providing support for important major customers. In 2000, he was given responsibility for Organization & Controlling in order to underpin the company's growth at the organizational level. He has been a member of the management board since 2001 and, as of 2008, CONTACT Software GmbH's second managing director. Ralf Holtgrefe is married with three children.

Maximilian Zachries
Director Sales, Managing Director

Maximilian Zachries (*1986) studied computer science at the University of Bremen and the California State University Long Beach. Already during his studies he worked in all strategic divisions of CONTACT. For several years he headed the CONTACT University team and the company's Munich office. In 2014, he also became managing director of FCMS GmbH, which has been part of the CONTACT Group since 2011. In December 2017, he became general sales manager and member of the CONTACT management board. Since the beginning of 2020 he is the third managing director of CONTACT. Maximilian Zachries is married and has one child.

Members of the Management Board

Dr.-Ing. Roland Drewinski

After graduating, Dr.-Ing. Roland Drewinski (*1959) initially worked as a software developer in his home country Australia. As a member of the scientific staff at the Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology, he was awarded a doctorate for his work in the field of "Information Systems for Concurrent Engineering" before becoming a project manager for information and management systems at the DSR-Senator Lines shipping company. After joining CONTACT in 1999, he became head of the Professional Services department in the year 2000 and was appointed a member of the management board in 2001. He has been head of Marketing since January 2006. Dr. Drewinski is married with four children.

Dr. rer. nat. Udo Göbel
Professional Services

Dr. rer. nat. Udo Göbel (*1966) studied physics at RWTH Aachen University. After completing his studies, he worked as a member of the scientific staff at Bremen University, where he obtained a doctorate in solid-state physics. He subsequently started work at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, where he was responsible for the visual mapping of climate calculations. He then moved to a start-up company active in the IT field, where he accepted the position of IT manager. Since January 2003, he has been employed at CONTACT, first as a project manager and then, as of 2006, as head of Professional Services. Dr. Göbel has been a member of the management board since January 2008.

Michael Sanjay Murgai
Strategy & Operations

Michael Sanjay Murgai (*1971), born and raised in New Delhi (India), studied mechanical engineering at the University of Karlsruhe. From 1997 to 2008, in his capacity as a market analyst and editor-in-chief, he specialized in the global PLM market and worked closely with managers in the software and manufacturing industries. He has been responsible for strategic issues – among other things, the company's international development, including direct international sales and partner management – at the CONTACT group of companies since 2008. When CONTACT Software Schweiz AG was founded in 2013, he was appointed managing director of this fully-owned subsidiary. Today he is also a member of the management board of the CONTACT group of companies. Michael Murgai is married with two children.

Frank Patz-Brockmann
Software Development

Frank Patz-Brockmann (*1967) has been active in the software development field since the early 1980s. While studying information technology and mathematics in Bremen and Hanover, he simultaneously worked as a self-employed software developer and had a holding in a medical software company. He joined CONTACT as a software developer in 1992 and, since 1996, has been working as head of development with responsibility for the global architecture of the company's core products and the technology portfolio. As a member of the management board, he has also been responsible for technological collaborations with partners as of 2001. Frank Patz-Brockmann is married with three children.

Frank Steffens
Finance & Controlling

Frank Steffens (*1967) studied business administration at the University of Göttingen. In the course of his professional career, he has held various management positions for corporations and medium-sized companies in Germany and abroad. He has taken on the classic tasks in the areas of finance, controlling and organisation, but has also handled the purchase or sale of companies, right through to financing and restructuring projects. Steffens accompanied CONTACT since 2017 in an advisory capacity and has been on board as finance director and member of the management board since 2020. The native Rhinelander is married, has one child and has been living in Bremen for over 20 years.


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