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Processes run smoothly if staff always have the information they need to perform their tasks available to them. This is especially true when it comes to collaboration across different departments and systems, for example collaboration between development and work planning , production and service. Companies expect digital solutions that relieve the burden placed on their staff by means of suitable data sharing and synchronized work steps.

The best of both worlds

The reliable integration of PLM and ERP

Comprehensive, scalable and certified

Companies need to be able to modify their digital processes flexibly. The CONTACT Elements SAP interface offers comprehensive, certified standards that are particularly easy to adapt. CONTACT Elements' Catalyst technology make it easy to add to templates for materials, engineering and manufacturing BOMs, variants, technical changes, documents or projects.

Open standards instead of vendor lock-ins

Open technologies form the backbone of every powerful IT infrastructure. The aim is to select the best-in-class systems and connect them along the entire length of the digital thread through to service. To do this, CONTACT Elements uses Internet standards such as Python, HTML5, REST and HTTP and offers an extensive selection of maintained interfaces to leading CAx and enterprise systems such as SAP ERP. 

Sustainable technology on premise and in the cloud

Sustainable IT architectures are characterized by powerful enterprise systems and robust state-of-the-art technologies. CONTACT Elements' certified SAP S/4HANA interface supports architectures both on premise and in the cloud. Technology is changing. Our maintenance guarantee has for years and decades made it possible for companies to keep pace with the opportunities offered by digitalization.

Your SAP can do more

Master data management (MDM) ensures, in the sense of the single source of truth, that all the departments in a company access the same data, regardless of which application they use to perform their tasks. MDM avoids errors and relieves staff of laborious search operations and manual data maintenance.

Technical mechanisms for end-to-end master data management are a crucial foundation for unambiguously establishing data sovereignty and a shared object lifecycle that reliably synchronizes the status of data objects across different systems.

3D models and drawings of the products and components are an important source of information for work preparation and quality management in particular. The SAP integration makes this data available directly at the SAP workstation in the context of the materials and BOMs at the touch of a button. This is done either by directly accessing CONTACT Elements' content server or the SAP document pool, in which the models and drawings are automatically mirrored.

In order to make decisions, developers also need data from logistics, for example information on stock levels, lead times or current purchase prices. Users can use the appropriate SAP dialogs to obtain this information directly from the CONTACT Elements interface. This solution is useful when the data in the source system is itself structured, for example the stock by location or the purchase prices by supply sources.

The central work planning department supplies the globally distributed production facilities with plant-specific manufacturing BOMs. Mapping design changes to manufacturing BOMs plays a key role in collaboration between product development and work preparation. The xBOM Manager supports this interaction during the transition between development and production planning by ensuring the reliable transfer of any changes made to the BOMs. The plant and order-specific manufacturing BOMs are also available directly in SAP.

Redundancy in the parts inventory results in high costs: According to the strategic parts management specialist CADENAS, a single part incurs process costs of 500 euros or more. With an inventory of 100,000 parts, even 0.5 percent fewer parts would bring about annual cost savings of 250,000 euros. The principle of a single source of truth provides an overview of the company-wide inventory, for example when companies operate multiple ERP instances due to acquisitions or mergers. CONTACT Elements' Shared Object Lifecycle Management helps avoid unnecessary redundancy.

Success stories of our customers

Comprehensive PLM/ERP synchronization at 32 locations worldwide

Kostal is a leading manufacturer of electronic and mechatronic components. The group of companies has been working with the interface between CIM Database and SAP for 15 years. Today, Kostal synchronizes PLM data with the ERP system at 32 locations worldwide and thus ensures end-to-end processes and consistent data in development, production and logistics. The interface provides services ranging from material master synchronization to synchronization of the variant rules with maximum BOMs.

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CIM Database integration to SAP S4/HANA Cloud

Hengst is a manufacturer of filtration and fluid management solutions for the automotive industry and industrial plants. The company has been working with CIM Database PLM since 2002 and uses the CONTACT Elements SAP interface to synchronize articles, BOMs, resources and documents. Hengst has been successfully using the latest Elements interface to S4/HANA Cloud to synchronize articles and BOMs since 2020.

End-to-end technical changes thanks to SAP interface

SIG Combibloc is a solutions provider for aseptic packaging. Using a bidirectional interface, the packaging specialist synchronizes all development data such as materials, BOMs and documents between the CIM database and SAP – including for example an SAP dictionary for creating materials, which ensures that the material master names in the PLM and ERP systems are always consistent. One of the key advantages of the SAP interface for SIG is the end-to-end technical change process. N.N.

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