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WARR Hyperloop joins CONTACT University

CONTACT Software encourages excellence in education and research with its international university program. Now the team behind the spectacular success of Elon Musk's SpaceX Hyperloop competition is joining the CONTACT University community: WARR Hyperloop from the TU Munich.

CONTACT Software supports universities, colleges and research institutes with a cooperation offer that makes state-of-the-art software and practical knowledge available to students and scientists for the development of smart products. As a new CONTACT University member, WARR Hyperloop is now using CIM Database PLM and CONTACT Workspaces to develop the next transport capsules for Elon Musk's visionary high-speed system.

WARR Hyperloop is part of the scientific working group for rocket technology and space travel (WARR) at the Technical University of Munich. The multidisciplinary team, with around 35 members, designs prototypes for the concept of a high-speed train designed by Elon Musk, which travels at almost sonic speed in a tube with partial vacuum. In order to drive the project forward and demonstrate its technical feasibility, Tesla founder Musk launched an international design competition. 

The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition is about the cabin capsule in which passengers are to be transported through the tube - the so-called pod. At the first competition in January 2017, the "TUMler" competed in the final round against MIT from Boston, among others, and were the only finalists to bring their capsule to the finish line. At the second competition at the end of August 2017, the Munich team won again and set a new world record with 324 km/h.

“Like CONTACT's solutions, WARR Hyperloop stands for innovation," says Michael Murgai, member of the executive board at CONTACT Software. “Hyperloops could revolutionize the mobility of the future. And we are proud to be a part of this technological advance."

On YouTube you can see impressively how the WARR Hyperloop team prepared for the second competition organized by Elon Musk. Further information on CONTACT University can be found here.


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